BLOCK 30 is developing financial services and payment technologies that will define Web 3


A decentralized, Web 3 blockchain architecture

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BLOCK 30 Financial

Outperforming $63 Trillion of Mutual Funds and ETFs*

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A new, global payments and financial services network

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1. US News and World Report through Calendar Year 2020 through October 11, 2020.

2. BLOCK 30 Holding Company, BLOCKS Network, BLOCK 30 Financial and HUMBL products, videos, product materials and descriptions, and other information found on this website may contain performance claims, forward looking statements and visual simulations of products and services which may be incomplete and under development, complete but undergoing upgrades and enhancements, or may not available to the public in all locations. All such products and services are subject to change at any time in terms of performance aspects and product features like country availability, accepted currencies, exchange rates, products offered, integration partners, performance and capabilities served. In addition, certain integration, performance and marketing claims related to BLOCK 30 Holding Company, BLOCKS, BLOCK 30 Financial and HUMBL’s third-party payment and financial services provider network used on this website were originally made by such third-party providers and cannot in all cases be independently verified by the company.